May 12, 2011

Wow, where do I even begin?

Well, I'm typing to you from my new home. The hospital.

On Thursday/Friday, I noticed that my swelling in my feet was more excessive than it normally is. Putting my feet up didn't help, drinking a ton of water didn't help. Even sleeping at night didn't help like it normally did.

So on my Mom's advice (she's an RN), I stopped at one of those blood pressure monitors at CVS Pharmacy. 188/82. Ouch. She told me to go try another one at another store because they aren't always accurate. So off we go to WalMart to try their's. 170/90. Still bad.

I felt perfectly fine so I didn't think it was a big deal but I called my OB. She freaked out and ordered me to come in ASAP. I explained that I was actually in another state visiting for Mother's Day. So she ordered me to go to the hospital there immediately. Off we went.

They checked my blood pressure, which was still very high, my swelling, my reflexes, etc. As of then, my urine was clear for protein, my blood pressure dropped a bit but was still very elevated. My reflexes were hyper which I didn't know was a bad thing and I had Clonus in my feet. I was admitted and spent Saturday - Monday morning in the hospital on constant monitoring. More blood draws then I can rememember, 24 hours urine test, constant baby monitoring, etc.

On Monday, they discharged me with strict instructions to go straight to my local hospital at home. When I reached my own hospital, my blood pressure had spiked into dangerous territory... 180's/100's. I was admitted and have been here ever since.

My 24 hour urine test revealed protein level of 500, I have extreme reflexes and Clonus and my blood pressure is out of control and was still spiking.

Official diagnosis.... mild pre-eclampsia bordering severe. (there's apparently no moderate, it's one or the other).

We've met with my entire team of doctor's from my OB office, the Head of the NICU and the Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine has been assigned to my case as well. I'm not going home at all until the baby is born. This hospital is my new home until then. :( They are very concerned with how quickly everything changes and that a lot of my symptoms are actually on the severe range. I've been put on blood pressure medicine to try and regulate it, baby is monitored for an hour twice a day, daily blood work, blood pressure check every 4 hours and frequent ultrasounds to check on baby's growth.

Our ultimate goal is 34 weeks. The doctors think this is being optimistic. Realistically, they are hoping we make it 2 more weeks.

I'm not fully stuck in bed anymore and have a little freedom around my room. I can sit in the rocker and eat and read. I can get up and go to the bathroom or shower. But when I'm in bed, I have to keep the Flowtron on my legs which prevents blood clots. I have to report every single headache, blurriness, cramp, etc. Anything at all.

My VBAC is out. :( It's going to 100% be a c-section. But I've been assured that my recovery will be much easier than it was with my daughter.

I'm having a hard time adjusting. I miss my daughter more than anything in the world. I've only gotten to see her a couple times and she's very confused. My MIL is going to take her up to Canada with her for 2 weeks so that Mr. SB can focus on work and being at the hospital with me and to keep DD entertained and occupied so she's not scared and worried.

Today, I've had lower blood pressures thanks to the medicine and I've got a detailed ultrasound scheduled this afternoon with the Chief of MFM. I'm having a lot of dizziness and nausea from the medicine but I know it's all for the best.

The longer I can cook Baby SB, the less time he spends in the NICU.


Cactus Bud said...

So sorry to hear Pre-E is causing you troubles!

Fingers crossed that baby can stay put for as long as possible!

Cupcake Bud said...

I pray all goes well and the baby cooks as long as possible.

Maeghan said...

I'm glad you are safe and sound in the hospital. I know it's not fun, I was there for 3 weeks and then they sent me home. Week later I was back in with blurred vision and was starting to seize. Ecampsia is no fun. Goodluck!Hope baby stays in there for a while. Take care!

Diva Bud said...

Oh no!! Thank God you are being taken care of... I am sure being in the Hospital full-time sucks, but at least you are in a good place, and you and baby SB will be ok :)


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