May 27, 2011


AF FINALLY decided to show her (ugly) face!!! It was about time :-/ and the cramps have already begun.

I am so glad that we can continue TTCing now that I started a new cycle. It really sucks to have to sit and wait for AF to show, not having any idea when she will.

I knew she would eventually show up, seeing as I even cracked open a box of digitals and peed on one. I wasn't surprised to read "Not Pregnant" on the pretentious little screen, but a part of me still held on to a gleam of hope. Well, c'est la vie! A new cycle has begun, and it's time to get in gear.

I am planning to start taking better care of myself, and hopefully improve my chances that way. Only time will tell if we're meant to be parents or not. We are leaving it up to the big man upstairs ;)

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys there long weekend!!! AF showed up just in time to slightly ruin mine, though in the end it's bittersweet :)

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