May 6, 2011

Embies on board!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had my ER on Sunday. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We did however get some bad news right before I went into surgery; Mr. Plannerbud's sample was low (just about 3 million) that we had to do ICSI, which our insurance may not cover. We had to decide whether we would take the chance and possibly have to pay $2500. It was a big decision to make when I was already nervous, but we decided to go with it since it meant a 75% of fertilization. That decision made, I went into surgery. They were able to get 12 eggs! We were so excited.

The next day or so I was uncomfortable, but Mr. Plannerbud was amazing. He waited on me all week and helped to make me as comfortable as possible. All of this was made even better by our fert report: 7 out of the 12 fertilized. We were very excited, and so were my parents. My dad kept telling me that he hoped the "kids were playing good in nursery". It is so great that are on board with all of this.

Three days later, on Wednesday, I went in for the transfer. I pulled out all the stops and had pre- and post-transfer acupuncture at the clinic. Mr. Plannerbud and I are hoping this will be our one and only IVF, so we are doing everything we can. After my first session, the doctor transferred two embryos; one was 10 cells, one was 8, both were considered high implantation potential and had no fragmentation. The nurse who was working with me was hilarious and had me almost in tears during the whole process.

We are now in the waiting process. I go in for my beta on May 15th. Mr. Plannerbud and I are going back and forth on whether to test before it or not. Hopefully my next post will my BFP!

As a parting gift, a picture of my possible future children:


Cherry Bud said...

I just looked at the picture of your little embies and said (out loud, much to the shock and dismay of my cats)
"Grow, babies! grow, grow grow!"

Fingers crossed for you!

-Cherry Bud

Cherry Bud said...
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Planner Bud said...

I say it to them daily. My cats think I'm totally crazy.
Thanks for the thoughts I am taking all I can get!

C said...

Those are some cute embies! Sending sticky thoughts your way!

Teacher Bud said...

Sticky dust! Good luck, I hope this is it for you.


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