May 19, 2011

AF May Be Arriving

So I just counted back to the last time AF came and that was March 12th so yep sounds about right a 68 day cycle!! I have been feeling like my boobs were a bit bigger and I have been craving lots of chocolate so I figured she would be coming or I was pregnant either one. Of course the more likely of the two is AF and this morning when I wiped there was a tiny bit of blood so she may or may not be coming or maybe implantation bleeding??!! Haa ha ahaa isn't it funny how we like to torture ourselves with maybes and hopefullies when it isn't true. Have you seen the show Pregnant in Heels? I think it is the most ridiculous show due to the Maternity Concierge's clients are so selfish and rarely seem excited or want a baby but of course can get knocked up without any trouble. The Maternity Concierge has been doing IVF to get pregnant and the first round she ended up with an ectopic pregnancy and they were starting her second round and she was feeling funny and they checked and sure enough she was pregnant. Now that is pretty exciting and it always makes me feel a little hope but that pesky negativity in me always reminds me they don't have the same issues as we did just the same IVF experience.

Oh on a positive note my friend who also needs to do IVF to have another baby wrote me and told me she is getting to start this Friday. I was soo excited for her but also a little jealous that she gets to start and I have to wait but mostly excited for her good luck and news!!



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