May 23, 2011

15 weeks: A light at the end of the tunnel

Silly Blogger.  Sorry I haven't posted in so long, every time I tried to log in, it would tell me there was an error, and after a while, I stopped trying.  I can't believe I'm at 15 weeks!  Even more unbelievable, after today, I only have 8 more days of school.

After school is out, I'll have about a month off, in which I need to do tons of things to start getting ready for baby, as well as many teaching related things. I need to start looking at registering, and all of the baby furniture/items we want.  Start thinking about names, looking at daycares.  The list is a bit overwhelming.  In addition to that, there is the school stuff - I have a 3 day training on drug awareness and prevention, and I have to prep a completely new class to teach in summer school this July.  June is just going to fly by!  In July I'll be teaching summer school.  Then comes August with more baby stuff, the 1st baby shower, a family trip to Niagara Falls, and possibly a trip up north with friends.  Oh, and of course prepping for the fall and my long term sub.  Whew! 

I've been looking for a check in list to use for myself, and for my posts.  I want to get better about keeping track of this pregnancy.  I finally found one I like on Buttercup Bud's posts.  I hope you don't mind me stealing it Butter Cup!

Belly Measurement/Weight: At my last appointment last Wednesday, I was still barely back up to my prepregnancy weight.  I think this is because I was overweight before, and the hyperemesis gravidarum.  Also, it wasn't until after we found out I was pregnant that I started the medicine for my thyroid, which could also be keeping the weight gain off, and keeping me at a healthier weight. 
Physical Progress: Baby is now the size of an orange according to the bump.  Everyone keeps saying that is so big!  Also, I'm in maternity clothes pretty much all the time.  I was lucky enough to get a tub of them from another teacher who had her last baby almost 2 years ago.  I'm so glad I don't have to buy all new clothes, just select pieces. 
How I am feeling about my body:Pretty good.  I like that I'm showing, though it does get a little uncomfortable.  I do have one stretch mark.  Of course I'd rather I didn't have it, but oh well.  I wish that I could stop throwing up, that is the one thing I can't wait to be done with.  Whoever said m/s stopped at 12 weeks lied. It has gotten better though.  I generally only vomit once a day after dinner.  Once or twice a week I get away without even that.  I'm hoping that it's better enough soon that I can get off the Zofran (because yes, that is still on the Zofran.) 
Cravings/Aversions: No real craving - but I have an aversion to many, many things.  Food in general most of the time. 
Energy Level: It's getting better.  I'm not as dead tired, and I don't even need a nap most days anymore! 
Baby Movement: None yet that I'm sure of- I'm hoping I'll feel some for sure soon. 
Thoughts/Feelings/Emotions: Just happy.  ^_^


Buttercup Bud said...

Of course! I got it from my 'Waiting for Baby' book. Yay for 15 weeks, I didn't realize you were a week behind me,


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