March 18, 2011

Keeping Hope

So I know I said I wanted to wait and I thought about temping... but I realized I should of started temping already. But I will wait till next month to do it... and as far as trying or not... I don't want to think about it. I am not going to try, but I ain't gonna do anything to not get pregnant either. If it happens it happens. As I went into this by putting it in God's hands and for me that is where it needs to stay.

And to top it off this week has been full of headaches as well as last week. I don't remember having this many headaches, but maybe it's because I was flushing a lot of blood (sorry if TMI), but since I didn't have it for so long it had a lot to get rid of. On top of that I craved red meat so bad... which I was told because I needed iron.

Well, today was much better :) no headache woohoo... because I was getting tired of taking tylenol. So for the rest of this month I ain't gonna think about doing BBT or TTC... and just wait to see if my cycle starts again next month. Of course I want it to so I can see if it's gonna keep coming, but there is still the slight part of me that says if I don't get it please please let it be because I am pregnant :)

I can't help but hope... if I lose hope I have nothing.

On a side note I got a jar of baby dust :) that I shake at night before I go to bed :)


Explorer Bud said...

such a cute idea to have baby dust in a bottle!!


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