March 3, 2011

Pity Party - Table for 1

I was planning on posting today about Mr. TB's urology appointment, but all I can think about is my temp drop today.  I finally got the results of my 7DPO blood work yesterday.  My progesterone was 11.3, which is better that the previous 7.35, but not by enough.  Apparently they want to see +10 for a regular cycle, but +15 for a medicated cycle, which mine was.  The Dr. wasn't in today, but the nurse is going to talk to her and call me today.  I don't think she'll do anything because she said that the 7DPO b/w will be too late for this cycle, and she said that she doesn't want to do anything with progesterone until after I get my thyroid checked out with the endocrinologist, which won't be until the end of cycle 9.  

I know that may not sound like a long time, but we also just had to push our appointment with the RE back as well, because Mr. TB can't make our original appointment.  That appointment is now May 10th, which won't be until the start of cycle 11.  So I'm just having myself a pity party.  This cycle is probably a bust, and it feels like the next 2 will be as well. 

I've also been eating like crap the last 2 days.  I've been crazing junk food like none other - fries, chips, soda, etc.  I'm sure I'm putting on weight which I really can't afford to do.  I was hoping that the crazing might mean something (even though I know that's ridiculous) but now I'm just mad at myself for giving in.  Blah.


Explorer Bud said...

That does suck!! Everyone needs a little pity party once in a while so don't be too hard yourself this is stressful stuff we are going through!!


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