March 1, 2011

Hoping for a little magic!

First I want to welcome all the new buds! I am so happy to read your stories and follow your journey.

Sorry for the delay in writing, last week I was super busy helping one of my good friends get her wedding details finished before the big day. Both Mr. Determined Bud & I were in their wedding this past weekend. Since I was the only bridesmaid (or I guess matron) who was married I had to help keep her calm before the big walk down the aisle. It was a great day for Mr. DB & me to remember our vows, and the love we shared on our day. Something about weddings just makes everyone really express how they feel. Overall it was a beautiful day and perfect for our friends to express their absolute devotion and love to one another.

I was very excited because the morning of their wedding I woke and took an OPK, the normal for CD 14, and there was that little happy face smiling at me. I truly love that little happy face! Mr. DB & I started BD’ing! So now I am stuck in the dreaded 2ww! Today is CD 16. Fingers crossed that this cycle worked. I have definitely felt more symptoms than in my earlier cycles. I have felt more twinges of pain which I am hoping is my body actually ovulating! We will see. I think this 2ww might go a little faster than the others have for me. We will be closing on our new home in 10 days, so I have plenty of packing and cleaning to do to keep my busy until the wait is over.Photo Credit

I will be finding out right before our family (Mr. DB, myself, my amazing mother, & fantastic brother) vacation to Disneyland. How fun would it be to break the news to all of them in Disneyland. It would truly make Disneyland the happiest place on earth for us!

Photo Credit

So I am going to keep hoping I can share magical news to my family in a very magical place!


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