March 22, 2011

He's Here!!!

After a long Journey, 2 m/c and 1 cp Our little man arrived February 15th at 1:36pm and we could not be happier. He is so perfect and we are so much in love. Labor was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Here is my birth story -
Monday 2/14, I had my 39 week appointment and I was 4 centimeters dilated. My Dr stripped my membranes and asked me if I would like to be induced that afternoon or first thing in the morning. Since I knew induction would take a long time I choose to be induced first thing the next morning so that I was able to go home to pack up any last minute things and rest.
Tuesday 2/15, We checked into the hospital at 7am and was in our room and hooked up to the IV's with pitocin by 8:30am.

10:40am - the nurse checked me and I was a little over 5 cm dilated. The contractions were not as painful as I thought but I requested the Epidural just in case the intensified or it was too late to request it (I am so glad I did this).

11:45am - my doctor came to check my progress and break my water. This was the oddest feeling ever... I felt as if I had the Niagara Falls coming down my leg, I can not image my water breaking at home.. I would have freaked out!!! My Contractions were slowing down from 4 minutes apart to 6 minutes apart. My doctor estimated he would be here by 2.

12pm - The cafeteria opened to I told my DH to go grab some lunch since my contractions were slowing down and this would probably take some time. He left with my cousins and I took the opportunity and rested.
1:05pm - I was on skype with my sister and feeling a little pressure and this odd feeling that the baby was pushing and trying to get out of my butt (odd explanation).

1:15pm - The nurse comes in to check on my contractions and I explain to her this odd feeling I was having (truthfully.. I thought the epi was running out and I was feeling the contractions.. I did not want to feel that pain and was ready to ask for another dose of epi). She was hesitant to check me because she had just checked me less than 2 hours ago ans was worried of the risk of infections. I requested her to please check for some assurance. When she lifted the sheet she jumped up and scream.. 'He's right there!!!' OMG.. I almost died.. I was going to have this baby without my doctor and he's not going to be ok.

1:24pm - The nurse runs out of the room screaming to call my DR and grabs another doctor to stand in the room just in case my doctor did not make it on time. She tells me not to push nor make any movements. My DH keeps telling me.. 'This is not our doctor.. where the hell is out doctor?!?!?'...

1:29pm - Thank God my doctor comes running in and gets to work. It was amazing how quick he was dressed, prepped the table and coached me on what to due.

1:32pm - I start pushing.. three pushes later my son was born at 1:36pm weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces at 20 1/2 centimeters. He was so alert and cried for two seconds and then just looked at my Husband and me. Amazing, the best moment of my life.

I had an episiotomy because my hemorrhoids were out to the point my doctor did not want for me to push as much to make the situation worst. My recovery has been challenging due to the hemorrhoids, I had a thromboses Hemorrhoid and went to the rectal surgeon to have it removed but he did not recommend removing it since I have had this procedure done in the past, and prescribed new antibiotic. Two weeks later I can finally sit straight without any pain and my doughnut pillow.

LO almost had to stay in the nursery because of the Billy Rubin due to our blood types not being compatible. The pediatrician told us on our last day of the hospital he was border line but will be able to go home, just to make sure he had sun baths, feed and pooped enough to fight any my blood.

BF was difficult in the first few days, because I was not able to sit due to the hemorrhoids and the only position LO was only able to latch was when we were both laying down. When we arrived home I started pumping to supplement while I recover and now he is back on the breast.

Here are a few pictures...
The day before going into labor -

2 Weeks old -

1 Month & 1 Week -

Thank you for all of those who have wished us well through out my pregnancy. Please never give up, always keep your head up and stay positive. I wish the best to all of those that are TTC.

Lots of love,

Flora Bud

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