March 11, 2011

Halfway there!!!

*breathes* 20 weeks!!! FINALLY!! I swear time has been dragging by. Hopefully, it will speed up a bit more now.

Baby has been very active at nighttime now, kicking up a storm and doing all kinds of somersaults and stretching himself out as straight as he can go. The only person who has felt it so far has been the cat who was irritated at being kicked while she was laying on my belly and ran away.

We've been very busy in the nursery! I'm so proud of how it's coming together so far.

We got it all painted the solid color so far (Gecko Green) but still need to work on the wide navy stripe this weekend. Curtains hung!

Bedding is all washed and put on the crib now.

This weekend, Mr. Sunflower gets to tackle this fun job:

Those boxes are the glider/ottoman, dresser and travel system. Dresser is priority so I can start getting all of the clothes out of the closet and organized into the dresser.

My mom bought us the travel system (our car seat from Little Sunflower Bud was pink so that just wouldn't do and Mr Sunflower Bud doesn't love our JEEP jogging stroller as much as I do) and I'm so excited about the stroller. It's the Graco Quattro Tour Reverse and the seat flips to face both forward and backward!

There is a little slide latch on the top of the seat that you slide and push down and it flips the seat to face like this:
~ Sunflower Bud ~


Planner Bud said...

I love the nursery. That is exactly the colors and bedding I want if I have a boy.

Cupcake Bud said...

Very nice colors :)


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