March 14, 2011

AF Whirlwind & Home Birth

So AF arrived on Saturday afternoon brining along with her some cramping, bloating and general blahness for the first day. Sunday was a breeze and then she has packed up and left today. Usually AF stays for at about 4-5 days with very limited discomfort so I was thinking she would be hanging around much longer. I guess there wasn't much to shed with this cycle.

On other baby news I got to assist at my friend/neighbor's home birth on Saturday evening. Her doula and midwife were not there yet so Mr. Explorer Bud and I came over to help set up everything and help my friend through contractions till the experienced ones arrived. It was fun to watch the whole process and see what a awesome job she did in having her baby. She had a water birth and it was amazing how nice it was for her and the baby. Everyone was so calm and relaxing and it was really a wonderful moment. It made me really excited to have a baby some day!!


Cactus Bud said...

Isn't it amazing to watch a new life enter the world?

I was lucky enough to be in the room when my niece was born (also a water birth, but at a hospital). Amazing experience and nice to see what we're in for before we get there.


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