March 22, 2011

16 - 19 week update OR Reintroducing Cherry Bud!

Getting ready for our little one has really put me off my blogging. There just seems to be so much else to do. I've said, every day, for the past three weeks, "I have to blog! Don't forget!". And then what do I do? I forget. Pregnancy Brain, I tell you.

Second Trimester is so much easier than first. Nausea is gone, energy is back. Life is good. I am missing my feet when I stand up, and I am beginning to show signs of the infamous "Pregnant Waddle", but I'm embracing it.


- Our Anatomy Scan revealed that Baby Cherry Bud is a little GIRL! I was completely expecting her to be a boy, so when the tech said girl, I was shocked. She turned so we could see her full face, and I'm sorry to say that the first words out of my mouth were "She looks like a little alien!". The ultrasound tech was scandalized, but seriously, that's what she looked like. She's measuring right on schedule and even consented to giving us a little stretch, even though she slept through most of the ultrasound.

- We're refusing to tell anyone her name, which is offending quite a few people. My parents, in particular, are not pleased, but are being accepting of our decision.

- We picked a crib and bedding
My mom and I are actually going to make a quilt inspired by this one, which is from Target. I'm cheap and the thought of spending almost $200 on a set that I will only use the sheet and maybe the crib dust ruffle from just doesn't go well with my penny-pinching sensibilities. I'm still torn on paint color. I wanted to do it a nice spring green, but I'm second guessing.

- We got a few cloth diapers in the mail and I'm fighting to hold off prepping them until we get more. They are just so stinkin' cute! On a side note, telling people I'm using cloth diapers always, always, always get me the side-eye. It's hilarious.

- Our Bradley class starts in two weeks! I can't believe we're to that point!

- I've been feeling our little girl kicking and moving around like crazy. She is always active the minute I sit or lay down, especially when I first wake up in the morning. Mr. CB can't feel her yet, which I think bothers him, but he is being patient.

- This is my 19-week-old belly. Yes, I'm wearing the same shirt I was in my last belly shot. I'm ok with you judging me. I totally do.
Lots of Love,


Sara said...
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Sunflower Bud said...

I'm so jealous of your little bump! I feel huge!

Congrats on your little girl!

I think we have the same crib, just a different color. It looks like the Graco Lauren.


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