March 2, 2011

10w4d Midwife Visit

I didn't have time to post at all last week--so I'm going to post a few in a row today to get you all caught up with what's been happening at the Magnolia Bud house.

Last Friday, we were scheduled for our first prenatal visit at the Birth Center. When we got there, I PIAC, and had my blood pressure taken and was weighed. 122/66 and 141--even with my pre-pregnancy numbers. We got a folder FILLED with information about the birth center, tips, worksheets, etc., and also a copy of "Our Bodies, Ourselves"--a book written from a midwife's perspective about pregnancy and childbirth.

We met with one of the midwives for over an hour--and spent most of the time talking about what to expect, how I've been feeling, my questions & concerns, Mr. MB's questions and concerns, etc. The lab had run all my bloodwork the week before, so I didn't have to give any more blood. I'm not due for a pap until the end of April, so we're holding off on the pap and STD screens until then. I don't have risk factors for gestational diabetes, so I don't have to do that test until my appointment at 26 weeks. And it's too early to test for Group B Strep, so that's on hold until my 36 week appointment. We heard Baby MB's heartbeat again, holding steady about 172.

I'll be going for appointments every 4 weeks from 10-26 weeks; every 2 weeks from 26-36 weeks, and every week until 40 weeks. If I get to 40 weeks, I'll start going twice a week, with non-stress tests at each visit. And then if I make it to 42 weeks (please no!), we'll have to talk about induction at the hospital. But if I go into labor between 36 and 42 weeks, we can deliver at the birth center.

At my next appointment on March 29, we'll be going over the nutrition worksheet (3 days worth of food recording, preferably after I stop feeling nauseous and can eat again). My mom will be in town for that appointment, so she's going to get to see the birthing rooms and hear the baby's heartbeat. Can't wait!


Diva Bud said...

How exciting! I am so utterly happy for you!


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