February 27, 2011

Still no AF!

I am excited and nervous that I still haven't seen AF! I also haven't tested either, a BFN is a huge blow (even though this is only cycle #3). Since I didn't temp this cycle I can only estimate that I am 12DPO. Last cycle was 29 days with a 14 day LP (although some of my TTC message board friends think I O'd later). So if AF doesn't visit by Wednesday I will test then.

As far as symptoms go I haven't had much. I have had some slight cramping, more like twinges in my sides today. I have had some serious gas today too, so painful I had to lie down. Luckily it is waning now. I have been somewhat nauseous yesterday and today but nothing too bad. I am definitely trying not to read into things though, last cycle was a real let down. I was so sure I was pregnant and then AF came.

My doctor told me that I could come see her if we weren't pregnant in 3 months but since then Mr. Buttercup Bud got new insurance and she is out of network. I might call her anyway just to see what she recommends. I am pretty sure Mr. Buttercup Bud will get a referral to a Urologist for a S/A.

I was pretty optimistic from the beginning to the middle of this cycle but the past few days I have become more pessimistic. With every trip to the bathroom I am always scared I am going to see AF. I will be sure to update with a BFP or AF announcement as soon as I know. In the meantime I will try to distract myself.


Buttercup Bud



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