February 5, 2011

Second Appointment & Such

We have been staying on an island off of Panama called Isla Colon/ Bocas Del Toro which is a lovely place. We are literally in the jungle and across the road from the Ocean. We have tons of wildlife and it rains most evenings and mornings so it is a relaxing start to the day, since we don't have to go anywhere and can just swing in the hammock listening to the rain! We also have the properties dog named Lassie who comes and hangs on our porch with us during the day. We have been enjoying walking along the ocean and enjoying the wonderful warm weather! It is in the mid 20's at home so I am very glad to be gone!! Anyways... the Dr. threw in an extra appointment right before coming and of course it was in the middle of being here in Bocas. Since there are only two flights a day out and in I had to catch the early flight into Panama City and luckily they squeezed me into the first appointment slot. Then catch the last flight out at 3:30 back to Bocas. Each appointment we first do an ultrasound and check out those ovaries to see how they are looking. I have 10 good follicles growing which is nice to see, that is the same as we had last time. The Dr. had upped my dose of Menopur from last time but has decided that the follicles are growing too fast and is dropping me back down from 3 to 2 ampules. So Monday we will check again and see how they are growing. Other than that we went over my medications and I needed to get some more needles and syringes for the medications. Most appointments are pretty straightforward and short but it is always interesting to see the ultrasounds and look at the ovaries. They are soo strange looking with the follicles that look like big black holes in the ovaries.

So when I am on all the hormones the Metformin no longer gives me intestinal troubles, I think it is because the hormones make you constipated and the Metformin makes you have the runs so it evens out in the end. Weird but I really like the effect oh and my finger nails get really long and don't break, my skin is smooth and my hair is less greasy. Maybe that means when I get pregnant that I will be one of those that glow and have amazing hair and nails?! Let's hope so, probably should just focus on the here and now though.

Hopefully by Monday I will have been able to purchase a USB cord for the camera since I forgot that and the cord to connect the GPS to my computer so I can download the Panama road maps. Then I will post some lovely pictures of where my mom and I have been and the beautiful things we have been seeing.

Until next time,


Mrs. Lydon said...

I am completely JEALOUS of the beautiful surrounds and warm weather. Day by day... T&P are with you.

Magnolia Bud said...

Sounds gorgeous! Sounds like your doc is on top of things--I hope this is your cycle for a sticky baby!


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