February 20, 2011

IUI #3 part two

We went for our second IUI of this cycle this morning. The numbers were decent this time as well. 29 million total; I couldn't help but do a happy dance. DH's numbers have never been that high. However the motility was only 36%; I guess you can't have everything. Progression was 3 again and the total mobile was 5.51. Once again the technician said that I had tons of CM. Hopefully all of this is a good sign.
I have to call our Dr. tomorrow to schedule a pregnancy test on the 5th and even though I am trying to optimistic, I am going to ask what our next step is.
Fingers crossed!


Determined Bud said...

I am hoping March 5th is a day to celebrate for you & Mr. Planner Bud! Fingers are crossed for you! :)

PB&J Bud said...

Good luck and I hope to be reading a BFP post from you on the 5th! I have got my fingers crossed for you!


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