January 27, 2011

Sex life, what sex life?

The most intimate I have been with anyone in the recent past was the nurse who completed my IUIs this weekend. To think I have had more sex with a catheter than with my husband, crazy! We have always had a relationship where I was the one who wanted the most sex, but recently I have had not desire what-so-ever. Mr. PB has been so busy that he hasn't really even tried. The whole situation is making me a little sad. Everyone always says that TTC affects your sex life and while we worked hard to time our sex, we have never gone so long without really wanting it. We both mentioned how grateful we were to have to have the IUI; that way we wouldn't have to "fit" in sex. How sad is that? Hopefully this is something that will change soon; it makes IF so much more difficult not to have this intimate connection with my husband.

As I mentioned earlier, I had my double IUIs this past weekend. I had one follicle at 22mm, so I wasn't too confident going in. However my faith dropped even more after we got Mr. PB's sperm counts for Saturday and Sunday, 9 million and 11 million post-wash respectively. After my last IUI I was making plans for how I would tell the people I wanted to tell and how I hide it from those I didn't. This cycle, I am just trying to get through it so we can start again. We have one more cycle of 50 mg clomid with a double IUI before we move on. I really wanted to try a different medication, but my RE said he likes to do 3 cycles before moving. Hopefully our numbers go up.

Beta for this cycle is Superbowl Sunday, which also happens to be my best friend's baby shower. Let's see how her family deals with the sobbing infertile. This could be fun.


Mrs. Lydon said...

Dont count it out just yet, Stranger things have happened!!!

The lack of wanting sex is running rampid in mine and Dh's lives these days. I feel the same way though...I almost feel disconected from him when we arent intimate.



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