January 28, 2011

Pre-Panama Dr. Visits

This past week I met with both my Endocrinologist and my OB to go over what tests I should do if this next cycle works. I had my Thyroid retested because I have been really tired lately and that is usually a sign of my Thyroid being too low. Surprisingly my levels were excellent both the T4 and T3 were right below 1 which is right where we want them to be. The Dr. was extremely nice and positive about this second round of IVF and said that as soon as I find out I am pregnant to call and schedule another blood draw to make sure the levels stay where they should be to give this pregnancy the best chance of success. I was surprised that she wanted to test every 4 to 6 weeks which was way more than I thought but I will go with more than less at this point. Then I met with my OB to figure out the earliest we could to do an ultrasound to make sure there are embryo's in my uterus and not hanging out in my fallopian tube again! Since last time I had zero pain or discomfort at 7 weeks with an ectopic pregnancy he joked that I must have numb fallopian tubes and that we should probably keep checking the fallopian tubes even if we see one in the uterus! We also went over if he could write me a prescription for the Progesterone Cream that I get in Panama instead of the suppositories that they prescribe. He did agree that he could do that and so that is one less favor I have to ask of my friend who is a nurse. I am glad that I was able to find such a willing and supportive OB of me going overseas for IVF and to be willing to go the extra mile to make me feel comfortable that we are doing everything to have a successful cycle. I feel more comfortable and ready to go off to Panama for our second round of IVF now that I have all my ducks in a row at home.


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