January 3, 2011

New Year, New...Baby?

I hope it's meant to be!

I tested this morning at 8DPO and got a definite positive! After I dipped my IC, I thought to myself "Magnolia Bud, you KNOW you're not getting a positive, it's just too early!" and immediately dumped my cup of pee.

To my surprise, it didn't even take 3 minutes for a light pink line to appear! I was shocked, and a little in disbelief. Mr. MB just hugged me and said he hopes this means we'll get to bring a baby home. I still haven't really processed this pregnancy, and probably won't until we're a little further along.

I did call our midwife today and am scheduled for a pregnancy confirmation visit next Friday, where we'll also schedule an early ultrasound at the hospital to confirm a heartbeat. I also talked with the nurse about running (I'm scheduled to run a half marathon on Saturday) and safety of rides at Disney World (that's where I'm running). Mr. MB and I are putting off race decisions until we're in Florida on Thursday. My final planning step was to put a call in to my acupuncturist's office. I'm waiting on a call back to hear what their recommendations are for acupuncture during early pregnancy.

For now, I'm cautiously optimistic. Thanks to all of the Buds and readers who offered such great support during what were truly my darkest moments over the past months. I'm blessed to have friends like each of you.

Lots of love,
Magnolia Bud

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