January 20, 2011

my long overdue update!

Hi Ladies!

I apologize for my long hiatus since the miscarriage. Unfortunately, not a whole lot has happened since then. After the miscarriage, I had an anovulatory cycle but was lucky to get AF again after 32 days. I was given the go-ahead from my RE to go back to treatments once AF arrived, so we proceeded with IUI #3 (again with Clomid CDs 5-9). I had two mature follicles - one at 25 mm and one at 26 mm when I triggered and our sperm count was amazing (for us anyway!) - 60 million post-wash with 65% motility. Unfortunately, the cycle ended in AF. I do think it is possible that my LH surge occurred naturally before I triggered and that perhaps I had already ovulated at the time of the IUI, but even so, it would have still been within ~12 hours of ovulation.

Our RE suggested that we move on to FSH injectables for IUI #4, so this cycle my meds are Puregon (known as Follistim in the U.S.) and ovidrel. On Sunday I go in for my first monitoring u/s and bloodwork since starting the Puregon, so we'll see how things look. I am pretty nervous and I hope that the cycle won't be cancelled due to too many follicles. Since starting the injectables I have been feeling very tired and also headache-y and a little dizzy, but I hope that it will be worth it!

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