January 15, 2011

In a NY State of Mind...

So I drove into Manhattan this Morning from the Outer Boroughs to my clinic clearly in a New York State of Mind for my first Follie Check and E2 Blood Work:

My lining was a 10 after 5 nights of Stims.

On the right - There were many Follies under 10

On the left - There was one Follie that was 13, one that was 11, two that were 10 and many more under 10

My E2 results will be coming in this evening. Dr. T says we are on the right track and he wants to be careful with me and go a little slower, because I have PCOS and we have a tendency to produce alot of eggs, which can lead to OHSS.

My Instructions:
Continue Stimming with 225iu Follistim for the next 3 nights
Lupron 5 untis AM
1 Prenatal Vitamin
0.5 vial of Luveris
Add 500mg Ciprio twice daily

My next Follie check and E2 are Tuesday January 18...

Have a Great MLK Weekend,



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