January 23, 2011

Anniversary and Possibly Ovulating...

So on Monday is our Wedding Anniversary, and we are taking a little trip. We are leaving tomorrow (Sunday - More like today), and will return on Tuesday afternoon. Just the two of us, for a little getaway :) I am really looking forward to it... I seriously have been needing a vacation! And I know we just came back from a vacation for the Holidays... but I have been so swamped with work and Opera and everything, that I am seriously due for another ;)

So, for the past couple of days I have had some creamy white discharge. I am kind of thinking this may mean I may be O-ing in the next few days... But, of course, I can't be too sure, given my "issues" and the fact that I am off of my charting game since the past couple of months. I am, however, taking Metformin as of the last couple of weeks and have been kind of slacking on it this week :-/ It made me a bit sick the first week, causing some nausea and vomiting (like morning sickness caused by birth control pills or pregnancy - not that I know about the pregnancy side of it). I lost a few pounds, but slacked this week so I lost muscle instead, which is a no-no. My Dr. prescribed me an appetite suppressant that will help speed up my metabolism a bit, so that should help as well :) I guess it's just a matter of being patient, is all.

Anyway, going to go finish packing and go knock out... it's been a long week, and I want to rest-up before we head out tomorrow :)



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