January 3, 2011

8 Weeks and going strong

Today was my first official exam. Here's the report:

- Apparently I have a "good pelvis". The only explanation I could get that made any sense was "a good pelvis isn't small!" So I should be a birthing machine, apparently.

- I do not have HIV (I wasn't worried about this one. I don't make a habit of needle sharing) and I'm immune to German Measles. Mr. CB said the German Measles immunity is good news "If we ever move to Germany." Because, apparently, that's the only place the German measles can thrive.

- Baby CB is measuring at exactly 8 weeks today, which makes my due date August 16. I would like it known that this is the due date that I told them. They said July 28. Score one for me.

- Baby CB has a strong, fast little heartbeat, and, while s/he does resemble a tiny peanut, it is a vaguely human shaped peanut. I've been trying to scan an ultrasound picture, but it's not happening. Suffice to say that I uttered the phrase "That's a real baby!" just before I burst into tears.

Still amazed,



Silver Rose said...

Aw, congrats on a good appointment! And German measles? Interesting...


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