January 25, 2011

6w Update

This is an exciting week in the Magnolia Bud house. Sunday, Mr. Magnolia Bud came home from eight days away for work (with a weekend trip at the end to visit friends). Tomorrow we're scheduled for our birth center tour. Which means Thursday (day after the tour), we can schedule our first official prenatal appointment. And Friday is our first ultrasound, where we'll hopefully get to see Baby Magnolia Bud's little heartbeat!

I've been pretty constantly nauseous since the end of my 4th week. It's started to come and go, instead of staying all the time, and last night I finally got a full night's sleep--for the first time in about two weeks! I'm wearing sea bands, slicing ginger root into my water bottle, drinking morning sickness tea, and taking my B6 (all in addition to eating every couple of hours). The nausea is the worst in the evenings, because I'm also still cramping a little at night, and that's also when I get heartburn and gas from dinner. Really a bad combo, haha!

Other symptoms are tender breasts and bloating. I still have both, and am relieved to have symptoms this time around! We're both really anxious and worried for our ultrasound on Friday since last time, our baby didn't develop past last weekend's dates, but until then, are trying to forget that's how we're ending our week. If you have some extra thoughts & prayers to spare that everything looks great with Baby MB, I'd appreciate them!

Lots of love,
Magnolia Bud

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