December 17, 2010

Pregnant til proven otherwise (again)

I'm back from my frozen embryo transfer. All morning I waited for them to call and tell me none survived the thaw, but I was mostly in luck--they thawed 3 and transferred 2 really nice blasts. One had completely hatched, which I'd never seen before, another looked really good (so I'm told), and the third didn't make it. We still have 2 on ice in case this fails.

My second-favorite doctor, Dr. L., did the transfer. I think he's about my age, which is scary. The reason I assume so is because when he did one of my egg retrievals, he was playing 80s music in the surgical room (I remember Toto's "Africa" before being put under). Anyway, this was the third transfer he's done for me, and it was flawless. They embryologist had a little trouble getting the embryos corralled, but the catheter went right in and we were done. Then I had to wait 15 minutes with a painfully full bladder, and after that I came home.

So now we wait.

I'm going to take it easy this weekend and other than working Monday, I'm off for the next two weeks. I'm going to start peeing on a stick 4 days from now. My beta is 12/27. I hope to God this works.

Golden Bud

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