December 24, 2010

I'm calling BFN

Still getting stark white sticks. And every morning before my PIO shot I can feel AF knocking on my door. Contrary to what the inexperienced IVFers all say (aka the "puppies and rainbows" assurances), it's pretty much impossible for me to get a positive beta at this point. I'd have some hope if I had even half a pregnancy symptom, but I don't. I'm super tempted to just stop all my meds and enjoy the holidays. I'm super tempted to enjoy the holidays anyway (and by "enjoy," I mean "drink heavily").

I've also had some time to reflect on my bitter infertile's New Year's resolutions:
  • Switch RE's at my clinic
  • Get a second opinion at another clinic
  • Find out WTF is wrong with my lining
  • Take a few cycles off
  • Possibly kill more embies by putting them in my uterus
  • Turn 40
  • Suggest to Mr. GB that he start looking into adoption (I did all the IF work; it's his turn now)
The truth is we are running out of money. We won't be bankruptcy broke, but we won't have any savings left if we do another fresh cycle. And I refuse to put any more embies back until my lining gets above 8. These two things could severely limit our options to the point where adoption could be our only solution. It's not what I want, but what can you do? If your eggs are fvcked and your uterus is fvcked then there isn't much point in trying to have a baby.

Never in a million years did I think I'd be childless at 40. Most days I can deal with it, but I do have bouts of sadness. I was reminded once again of our childless status yesterday when I found out that our friends (who don't have kids--she's in law school) hosted their annual "cookie party" for all of their friends who have kids. So what that means is that 3 sets of our good friends got invited, but we did not. My best friend was among the invitees and we had lunch yesterday and she told me all about it. I told her it was too bad that my baby didn't have a skull, otherwise we wouldn't be childless and thus we'd qualify for attendance. This of course is my bitterness talking, and I'm sure my friend would have invited me if I'd asked. But then I'd be at a party with a bunch of OPKs (other peoples' kids) and that's no fun, either.

All this whining aside, I still love my life. I have a million things to be happy for and just one that makes me sad. That's pretty good in my book.

If you don't hear from me until after the holidays, you can safely assume that I've gotten my BFN and am too tipsy on champagne to post an update.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Golden Bud


Smudge's Mom said...

I hope you don't mind my butting in, but I wouldn't bother changing REs within the same clinic. I don't really know you or your story (I don't think - i don't know many by their bud names) but in my experience, doctors within the same clinic frequently have the same practice and consult each other upon occasion. I would change clinics completely if you're looking for a fresh set of eyes.

No false sunshine and puppies from me. I'm sorry for your BFN.


Magnolia Bud said...

Golden Bud, You're in my thoughts & prayers. I really hope the new year brings you great things.


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