December 14, 2010

I love my CBEFM!

Today is CD7, and officially, I love my CBEFM (Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor).

It works by identifying your peak fertility days, as well as days where you have a "high" likelihood of being fertile. So it's like an advanced OPK, but measuring both LH and estrogen. The first cycle, you get to start peeing on test sticks at CD6, and continuing for either 10 or 20 days. (You pee on things in groupings of 10, apparently). Starting with the second cycle, your stick-peeing start date changes based on your previous cycle(s). Now, given the number of HPT's I used in September, you all know how much I love to pee on plastic sticks that could possibly show me lines. It's actually pretty ridiculous that such a cheap, small piece of plastic brings me such emotional ups and downs.

That said, I happily started peeing on test sticks yesterday. I was expecting a "low" reading yesterday since it was only CD6, and was happily surprised to see a "high" reading. Same today! I have heard that during your first cycle, it gives a month of "high" readings for many women as it learns your cycle. But still--I'll take "high" over "not even close," "don't even bother," or even just "low" any day. And maybe I'll get lucky and it will give me a "peak" or two. Just in case, Mr. Magnolia Bud and I have been DTD every other day, and will continue until CM shows I'm getting close to O--then we're going to attempt every day. Honestly, that might be a challenge--the only time we've ever done that is on our honeymoon.

If only a trip to Costa Rica was in the cards next week... ;)

Lots of love and baby dust to each of you!
-Magnolia Bud


Golden Bud said...

Oh darn, I should have thought to give you mine! They are fun but the pee sticks get to be expensive--hopefully you'll only need it for one cycle!


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