December 13, 2010

5w Update

Technically, I'm 4w6d, but c'est la vie.

Not much progress this week, but a few things that have been my lifesavers:

Because it's trademarked, I'm not going to use the actual brand name of the first product, but I am going to play a little game of "Avoiding copyright infringement charades" so that you will know what I'm talking about. Ready?

Two words.

First word: The female heroine in the Twilight saga. Also the Italian word for beautiful. I think.

Second word: A group of people who play music. comes in Boy or Rock. Or Rubber.

Also, it looks like this:
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While it is way too early for me to have anything resembling a baby bump, The fact that I am tiny mixed with early pregnancy bloating = few of my pants fit, and those that do are horribly uncomfortable and tight. So everything is now unbuttoned and I am blissful.


Go one letter up from "U" and one number up from "7", add "fruit juice" to the end, and you have the way I have been getting all my fruit and vegetable servings. Don't get me wrong, I'm eating my veggies, but I don't like most vegetables at the best of times, and certainly not when everything makes me feel violently ill. While I am eating healthy and getting the correct amount of calories every day, given the choice between something labeled "Mango Peach" and something labeled "Spinach Salad", I am taking the Mango Peach every time, thank you.

Rounding out this entry is the news that my parents have been told. My mother screamed and also cried, and my dad didn't say anything, just smiled at us, hugged us both and went back to watching the Jags beat the Raiders. We're telling Mr. CB's family the day after Christmas. This will be the ninth grandchild in that family. NINTH!

All in all, not a bad week. I'm still waiting for the subtle nausea I've been feeling to turn into full blown morning sickness, and while my moods are a bit unstable, I haven't gone full serial killer on anyone, much to Mr. CB's delight.

This is still a little unreal to me. Hopefully it will be a little more real when I go to my doctor next week.



Magnolia Bud said...

I hope your nausea doesn't turn into morning sickness (or afternoon, night, or overnight sickness!). The bella band was a lifesaver for me, even in early pregnancy. Good luck at your appointment next week! Hoping everything looks just like it should!

Golden Bud said...

I think at this point in my last pregnancy, I'd given up on my jeans and bought one size bigger. Gave me a bit more room and more time to be in denial about not being able to button my pants :-)


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