November 26, 2010

What I learned being KU - the 3rd tri edition!

Wow this took me much longer to get around to posting than I expected - sorry about that. Baby Worry Bud is definitely keeping us busy, but despite how busy I've been, I was determined to post this list because it's so fun! Now that my time blogging as a Bud (I'll still be around as the blog administrator) is coming to an end (I have 1 more final/goodbye post in me), I'm hoping another Bud will take this "What I Learned" series over & carry on this BB tradition started by the awesome Glow Bud! Anywho, here goes...

  • There is a good reason people tell you not to buy too many blankets & clothes for the baby beforehand - you end up getting lots of that stuff as gifts from friends & family as well lots of hand-me-downs from your friends that have had babies before you. If you buy lots on your own, you'll end up with a clothing mountain in the nursery! (Photo Credit)
  • Wearing 3+ inch heels for over an hour standing up is most definitely NOT a good idea. *Back story - one of my BFFs got married when I was like 6.5 months pregnant & she is really into heels, so she selected these cute, but awfully high strappy heels for all the bridesmaids to wear. Well, I thought I'd be okay since most wedding ceremonies are pretty short. Well, no...her ceremony was an inter-faith ceremony where they tried to incorporate traditions from both cultures & well, it was L-O-N-G. And long story short, my feet & cankles ankles were not happy!
  • Being 7+ months pregnant is not conducive to try & rush doing anything.
  • Try to get as much baby stuff done as early as possible because once you start getting big, it's hard to accomplish even the smallest tasks, especially cleaning around the house. (Photo Credit)
  •  Don't even attempt to walk any sort of distance outside in the 90+ degree heat &'s nearly impossible to cool down.
  • The nursery is PERFECT...really, it is!
  • If you plan to get a 3D u/s don't wait to do it too late - we did mine at 30 weeks & the baby was so squished up in there that it was pretty difficult to get good pics & we only got about 2...and that was on the 2nd try!
  • Maternity dresses make you look 10x bigger than you actually are, but they are so comfy!
  • Baby lodged under your ribs = extremely painful & uncomfortable!
  • Don't believe everything you read about going into labor - you don't have to lose your mucous plug or have a bloody show water just broke out of the blue!
And that's all I got for the 3rd Tri Edition of What I Learned being KU! Hope you enjoyed reading & maybe even learned a little something! I'll be back soon with my final Bloomin' Babies post as Worry Bud & although I know Baby WB will keep me busy enough, I'll still miss sharing our adventures here on BB - more on that in my next post. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving & wishing everyone a safe & happy weekend!



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