November 15, 2010


Today I am frustrated because my OPK's, while slowly darkening, are stubbornly refusing to show a positive.

Today I am jealous because a high school friend got to see her LO's heartbeat

Today I am remembering the sweet baby I held yesterday, her chubby, jelly filled cheeks, and how much I wished I had been holding my own.

Today I am refusing to allow the fear of never being a mother overwhelm me

Today I am ecstatic because of Sunflower Bud's BFP. Congratulations again and again, my dear!

Today I am heartbroken because of all the lost LO's here on Bloomin' Babies. Magnolia Bud, Golden Bud, Sarcastic Bud, and Blueberry Bud...ladies, I don't even know what to say, but each of your updates absolutely broke my heart for each of you. I wish there was some magic I could work to give each of you your take-home baby. Life is indescribably unfair and you are all in my prayers.



Sunflower Bud said...

Thank you!! I can't wait to see you post yours.

I gave up on regular OPK's a long time ago. Switched to digitals and my stress levels plummeted. No longer trying to figure out if it was positive was huge.

Sarcastic Bud said...

Thank you for your prayers, my love. It really does mean a lot. You are such a sweet, sweet gal.

I hope you get your BFP very soon! You're in my thoughts.


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