November 10, 2010

No time for anything :-/

I have been so incredibly busy... I can't even begin to explain!! The only times that I have been home are to sleep and shower. Between work and the Opera, it's just crazy! Thankfully after this weekend things will slightly let up... And I have to say that I am truly thankful for tomorrow's Holiday... But then there's a recital, and the Holidays and a Wedding... Life doesn't stop!

I haven't even been able to chart... :-/ according to FF, I am ovulating this week, which is really not fitting into our schedule (boo). On top of that there's just no energy (especially on my end) to BD. I put Mr. DBud to help with laundry this week too, because I am so overwhelmed!!! Ugh... Yes, I know, I am such a Diva! Haha :) thank God for him! He really helped :)

Well, the good news is, I finally got my insurance card! So I am going to make an appointment to get a referral for the R.E.... I was looking, and found one that specializes in fertility... So we shall see!!

Other than that, it is what it is... My cousin had her little baby girl this past weekend... She is one of those lucky ones getting pregnant on het first try... Ha! If it were only so for all of us on here...

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