November 4, 2010

Last Ultrasound for a While

I had a repeat ultrasound today to make sure the cytotec had done its job earlier this week. There was still a little fluid in the uterine cavity, but the doc wasn't concerned and told me that at this point, I should expect wonky bleeding--I may spot for another few weeks, or the spotting may taper off. Apparently I should also expect my period in the next 4-5 weeks.

I liked the doctor I saw today--he told me that because they had confirmed I didn't have an ectopic and wasn't having any complications as a result of the miscarriage, I should hold off on having betas drawn and just test at home with an HPT in another few weeks (if that was something I'd be comfortable with). I realized while I was waiting for my appointment today that I have had six doctor's appointments since October 20 (16 days--5 pg/mc related, 1 LEEP/pap related). Plus another appointment scheduled for Monday. Two thumbs up for no more blood draws or ultrasounds for a little while!

Physically, I'm feeling pretty fine. I've picked up my running again, and it's going pretty well. My bloating has disappeared for the most part--now I'm just left with the same extra 5-10 pounds I wanted to lose before getting pregnant the first time. So it's time to lose them! In an ideal world, that number would be closer to 10, but it's tough for me to lose much while marathon training. So I'm really looking for a flatter stomach and my clothes fitting better.

Emotionally, I'm doing better. I haven't cried yet this week, and while I still think about the m/c every day, it's getting easier. After I left my appointment this morning, I got really sad to think that I would have been 10 weeks today, but it was more of an acceptance/sadness than an angry/upset sadness. It was also upsetting to see my diagnosis as "Completed Abortion." I'm now 100% behind anyone who says the terminology associated with miscarriage needs to be changed to something more sensitive/culturally competent.

Mr. Magnolia Bud and I have started talking about two big things. When we want to try again, and what level of care we're comfortable with when we do get pregnant again. If it's o.k. with the midwife, we're going to start trying next cycle (or as soon as they clear us). I also think that we are going to stay with the birth center and midwives for early pregnancy care the next time I get pregnant. We are going to give TTC a few cycles more on our own before pressing for testing, but if I'm not pregnant again by my January cycle, I'm going to be requesting testing and treatment (only if warranted, of course) for luteal phase defect.

I read a great article at this week (link here) about luteal phase defect, and while I've suspected I have LPD for several cycles (luteal phases of 8/8/9/8 days, chart link on sidebar), it was interesting to read about the three potential causes of LPD. I know that there's no way to tell what the cause of my miscarriage was, but with my short luteal phase, I feel like something might be wrong (that can be treated). For the time being, I'll start taking Vitex along with my other supplements.

Hope you all have a great week. Lots of love and sticky baby dust to all!
-Magnolia Bud


Silver Rose said...

I'm glad your doing better. I'll keep you in my prayers!

Blueberry Bud said...

Still thinking of you, Magnolia Bud. Good luck over the next few cycles -- I hope you will get your sticky baby speedily and easily.


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