November 19, 2010


I've discovered something about myself during the TTC process.

I really want a baby.

That's not what I found out about myself. I obviously knew that. Stay with me.

I really want a baby, but I am really, really spacey.

What this boils down to is that, technically, and if anyone asks, which they don't, but if they did, technically, I am taking 1 Prental vitamin, 2 Vitex (see? I don't even know what amount) and 2 cups of Green Tea a day, plus using cheapie internet OPK's daily.


In reality, my days look sort of like this:

- Wake up
- Stumble to the bathroom
- While brushing my teeth, allow my eyes to meander across the counter
- Spot Prenatals and Vitex
- Say "Oh snap! I forgot to take my Vitex last night! But I am a responsible, mindful adult, so I'm going to take my Vitamin and my morning Vitex right now."
- Feel adult and responsible
- Go downstairs, running late as usual and forget to make a cup of tea. Don't sweat it. I can drink two later, right?
- Go to work
- Remind myself several times during the day that I need to A) Take my afternoon Vitex B) POAS C)Drink two cups of green tea.
- Stumble home from work mildly exhausted
- Forget to POAS until after 830, when I will suddenly remember but it is too late now
- Make myself a cup of tea that is NOT green. When it is empty and I don't want to drink anything else, remember that I was supposed to have Green Tea.
- Completely forget about Vitex
- Bed
- Repeat

So, to summarize, while Mr. CB and I are keeping to a decent BD schedule, and I am monitoring my CM and I am temping, everything I'm supposed to be doing to help my body along is pretty touch and go. Truth be told, with only taking one Vitex a day, I may as well just start popping jelly beans and calling them fertility aids. I'd probably take them more regularly, actually.

I wonder if Mr. Cherry Bud would buy that.

"No, honey, they help with CM production. And ovulation. and they're basically sperm food. It gives them a sugar high so they swim faster."

Making a resolution to stop losing my mind,


Silver Rose said...

LOL! You are too funny! I've been bad about doing the opposite (taking my hormones) so I set an alarm on my phone to go off...usually I take my pill 4 hours later when I realize that if my boyfriend catches me taking it at night he will think we will get pregnant.


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