October 20, 2010

Update & More Waiting...

First, thanks to everyone for your thoughts & prayers yesterday. They meant a lot to me. And thank you to Golden Bud for the shout out! I'm thinking of you and praying your numbers double on schedule!

I had my appointment today at our birth center. We tried listening for Baby MB's heartbeat with the doppler, but it was apparently too early (we weren't surprised, I'm only 7w6d). The midwife did an internal, looked at my cervix (she said it looked like a pregnant cervix--no new bleeding, all brown/old; blue in color, which means it has good blood flow; not effaced at all, and appeared to be a normal length), and felt my uterus (she said it was the right size for almost 8 weeks). She took blood to run betas on, and I'm going back Friday and Monday for more bloodwork/betas. Once those numbers come back, we'll look at whether we need to do an ultrasound at the hospital. The midwife said she suspects the numbers will come back right on track, and she'll be calling me tomorrow with today's number as a baseline.

So now I wait some more. I stopped home to write this before going in to work, and my plan is to just take it easy until I go back on Friday. I forgot to ask what I should be doing/not doing in terms of exercise since I'm still spotting, so I'm taking the cautious-just-sit-on-the-couch route until I go back.

Lots of love and baby dust,
Magnolia Bud


Diva Bud said...

You're in my thoughts :) sending positive vibes your way!!!!!


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