October 28, 2010

Finally on the road to answers

Mr. PB and I had our infertility consultation today. We only met with a nurse practitioner, so she wasn't able to answer tons of our questions, but we did start on the road to diagnosis. After drawing out most of my blood, they set up an appointment for an HSG. Luckily for me, I normally O late (which the NP did say concerns her a little) and I can have it done on Monday. That will be a great day. Teach, go have dye and what-not shoved up my who-ha, then return for lunch duty and more teaching. Awesome!
DH also scheduled his SA. Well actually I scheduled it for him. Either way, his S/A is Monday 11/8. He is very nervous. You would think he would be nervous about the fact that his sperm may not actually swim, but nope, he is worried about have to get a "sample" by 8 AM! I told him we need to start practicing every morning to get him ready. :)
I am currently waiting to O, but we have decided to not really try this month. I am still going to temp, but we will not (try not to) BD on command. We will see how this goes.


Silver Rose said...

Good luck! I'm a teacher too, and that sounds like a busy day. Hope everything comes back a-ok!


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