October 4, 2010

But my thermometer! Where has my thermometer gone?!

Since I'm still waiting to O and dragging my feet about getting a prescription for Provera filled, and there's only so much I can complain about my cycle, I thought I'd share with all of you a little story from this morning.

I think everyone who charts knows about the unhealthy relationship a girl develops with her thermometer.

I really hope some of you can empathize with that statement, because if not, I feel like a crazy.

Let's assume, though, that you totally get what I'm saying. So you totally feel for me when I describe what happened this morning.

Yesterday my temp went up. Way up. Higher than it has been all cycle up. It could have been a fluke, but then again, it could be exactly what I've been waiting for. As we all know, though, one temp doesn't mean anything. You need confirmation. A sustained rise. So, I was looking forward to this morning confirming whether or not I actually did O.

This morning, my "Temp!" alarm went off, as it always does, at 7AM. As I always do, I reached out a hand and groped in the darkness for the thermometer that always sits on my "night stand" (actually a baritone case. With a baritone in it).

My hand hit empty air. Not only was my thermometer not within reach, my trusty baritone case was gone, too. Mild panic. Ok, no big deal. Think.

Then it hit me.

I've spent the last week building this, and Mr. Cherry Bud, thinking we would be moving it in yesterday, cleaned our bedroom and moved all the furniture surrounding the bed so it could be moved in and assembled.

It was really very sweet of him.

But now, my baritone case, with my BBT, was shoved against the wall as far from the bed as it could possibly be. There was no way to get to it without messing with my temp.

So now I am shaking my head and sighing because I have to wait until tomorrow to know what my temp is doing.

On the bright side, thanks to Mr. CB, I have a very clean house.



Debbie said...

Every night while charting I would take double check that my thermometer was right next to my alarm clock and in easy access for when I was half asleep and grabbing for it. One night I couldn't find it. I went crazy searching all around for it. I couldn't go to sleep without having it!

Turns out my cat took it and it ended up under the couch. You would think I had won the lottery when I finally found it under there!

June Bud said...

OMG I have so been there! Sometimes, even before I go to bed, I FREAK out because I can't find it!!!!!!


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