October 13, 2010


Oh man, time is flying. In the... "Oh my gosh how is this possible" type of way. We're now 4-7 weeks away from meeting our son! I've been on weekly appointments for the last two weeks. Originally I was supposed to do NSTs & Internals weekly. But last week when Baby MB passed his NST with flying colors (even if it took 45 minutes!) Doc said we can wait till 35 weeks for internal exams to begin. YAY!

What is an NST you ask? NST = Non Stress Test. Basically what I've gathered from it is it monitors baby's movement & heart rate related to that movement. The MA told me they look for two jumps in heart rate of 15+ BPM with the big movements within a 10 minute time frame. At my 32w Apt, Baby MB was sleepy and it took us 45 minutes to get the results the Dr wanted. This week, he had it down and it only took the regular 20 minutes!

The NST machine consists of 2 "probes". One measures the hear beat, just like a doppler. The other measures your uterus' irritability - measuring for contractions of any kind. Luckily, I haven't had any real contractions while hooked up. I also got to hold a cord to push when I feel movement.
This week's belly pic - I'm starting to drop!

Look how much my belly's grown!

I hope to have some nursery photos for you within the next week or two - things are still coming together.

My baby shower is on Sunday so I'll have photos to share from that too. Hopefully this nasty cold is gone by the time my shower is finally here - I'm feeling quite yucky!

Baby dust to everyone of you! Back soon!


Golden Bud said...

Never seen an NST before--good to know! Hang in there--you're almost there!

Diva Bud said...

Yay! Look at that belly :) too cute!


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