September 13, 2010

Thoughts from my first 2WW

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mr. Magnolia Bud and I were really busy with projects around the house (and a little college football). I'm refinishing two end tables, and spent most of Sunday sanding them and putting the first coat of stain on them. This is turning into a multi-day project, since each coat of stain takes 6+ hours to dry before I can re-apply. We also hung some art above our fireplace, and picked out a media stand for the living room. Mr. Magnolia Bud even made cookies!

Yep, I'm trying to keep busy. It's my first 2WW!

I haven't been sleeping well. Our timing wasn't great (3 days prior to O, O, & 1DPO), so I'm not holding out much hope--especially since this was our first cycle trying. But yesterday on my run, I spent a lot of time thinking about what being pregnant would mean. Now, I spend a lot of time thinking about this topic anyway, and most of the time, the thoughts revolve around what a life-changer it would be (in the best way possible!). This was the first time I had thought about it while out running.

Of course--I'm sure because I was out running--the most frequent thought I had was "Maybe next Sunday's long run will be after a positive test! Then I could slack on the pace a little--I do have to run 10 miles after all!"

Here's to hoping! ;)

Love and baby dust,
Magnolia Bud

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