September 6, 2010


You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't posted in a very long time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't remember me at all. So I am re-introducing myself, and telling my story. I am Fitness Bud. Actually, I could probably call myself Unfit Bud, nowadays. :( When I began blogging I was very active, running, lifting weights, and in addition to feeling more comfortable in my own skin, was preparing my body for baby. Things have gone VERY downhill in the last several months, and that is part of my story too.
At this time last year, we were ready to have kids. We were holding off for a little bit, as I was hoping to find a more secure job, but life was good, we were ready, and we were excited to begin TTC. Then, in November, my husband lost his job, and all of our plans were put on hold. While his being laid off was a huge blow, we were confident that with his experience and education, he would find a job quickly. In the mean time, I was continuing to look for a more secure job in my field. Then, in January, I was in a car accident. It wasn't major, but my car was totalled, my back was injured, and the person who hit me didn't have insurance. In addition to having a tighter financial situation, I now had to add the expense of purchasing a new car, and due to my back injury, I was in no shape to continue working out like I had been. 
Fast Forward 9 months, to now. I have not been able to work out like I had been and am feeling terrible about myself. My husband still has no job. We have depleted half of our savings in an effort to pay our bills and stay afloat. I have a new job, but it doesn't pay too well, and I am working 75 hours a week. I took this job because it was an "in" in my field, but it is a temporary position, so as of November, I will be looking for employment. (Although I have repeatedly been assured by my bosses that with my newfound connections it should be no problem). Needless to say, life is not what we thought it would be. It is not what we planned. Last year at this time, I was certain I would be holding a baby in my arms by now. Instead, I am watching my sister, and 7, yes SEVEN of my friends have babies. It blows. 
BUT, I am back. I need to talk about my current station in life. I need to have some way to track my progress. To look back one day and know that things have gotten better. And hopefully it will be therapeutic for me, and just maybe it will help someone else out there as well.


Silver Rose said...

Welcome back, Fitness Bud! I know how you feel with weight/back injury/no job. I totally empathize with you! Excited to hear your story, and maybe you'll read mine, too. Best of luck!

Golden Bud said...

You've had one blow after another. I hope some good fortune and baby dust come your way.


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