September 10, 2010

A Month Ahead of Schedule...

We pulled the goalie!

Mr. Magnolia Bud and I had a conversation last month about O time where we laid out all the reasons to wait for two more cycles before TTC. At that time, our reasons were slim--I'm running another marathon Jan. 8-9, and he'd like to have more money in the bank. We continued talking, and as he realized that we had a fully-funded e-fund, are making significant contributions to our retirement accounts, are paying extra toward our mortgage and student loans each month, and would be able to meet daycare costs (our big worry, since they're really high in our area), that concern seemed to diminish. Especially because we can meet the costs of having a baby on our current salaries while still putting a little extra toward our long-term debt.

That all said, we didn't change our TTC date then. We left it open, with October as the goal. As you know, I've been getting ready to make a serious attempt in October. HPT's, CBEFM, pregnancy books, the works!

Well, wouldn't you know. Mr. Magnolia Bud, normally the chart-stalker who wants to know every bit about my temps, my CM and what my chart says on any given day, has stopped asking this month. He also, all of a sudden, turned from condom-crazed Mr. MB into "let's see what happens" last night.

So we did!

My temp went up today, and is in my usual post-O range. Given that I had my usual pre-O dip two days ago, I may have O'd yesterday. In which case, our timing wasn't bad. But I also had a couple of glasses of wine last night and temped an hour late this morning. I'm not discarding the temp though...But now I have to wait and see.

I need to take my PNV's now, just in case. I had been getting lax about taking them, even though our midwife just recommended a new brand that I really like--nutraMetrix Isotonix Prenatal Multi. It's a powder that you mix up in the cap and drink, and is a little fizzy like EmergenC. There's no artificial filler, and is as easy on my stomach as my Flinstones were.

I'm a little bit nervous, but more excited than anything. Have a great day!

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