September 24, 2010

Into the Double Digits

Well it looks like my best birthday present this year will be what ever Mr. PB gets me (I am hoping for something sparkly). AF reared her ugly head yesterday during my third period class initializing cycle #10, definitely never thought I would be here. My cramps were the worst they have been in a few months. I am oddly okay with it. I only a few small crying session, but nothing major. I definitely think it is the IF consultation that I have made for the end of October. At least I know there is hope of a plan being put in place. Mr. PB and I have one more month before the appointment. Who knows maybe I will get to cancel it?
I am not a highly religious person, but can't help thinking that there has to be a good reason why we can't get pregnant. Maybe it is just not the right time, maybe something else big is planned for us. All I know is we are definitely ready and I just hope answers come quick and easy.



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