September 8, 2010

Holy HSG!

I had my HSG Ultrasound yesterday. WOW. I knew it would probably hurt a bit, but it REALLY did. It was like my Uterus was going to explode. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. The cramping was unbearable, but I made it through. The doc said I have at least one good tube, they could not see the other one on the ultrasound, but he suspects it is good as well. He did prescribe me Clomid, and Mr. JB has Semen Analysis tomorrow.

The sad part was that I was SO depressed at the OB's office. They had me take a pregnancy test to rule out that I was pregnant before they did the U/S. Well, I knew I was not pregnant, because they perform the HSG while you are on AF, but of course I had that glimmer of hope. I kept thinking how badly I wanted to BE THERE to confirm I was pregnant and start that wonderful journey. Then when they did the actual U/S I kept thinking that SOMEDAY I would be there for an U/S to see my baby. Sigh...OH, and every time a cute little pregnant lady came in for an appointment, I teared up.

Moving on...

Can anyone explain to me what Clomid might do to my temps? I got a big temp spike this morn after taking it last night. I went up from 96.80 to 97.33. Just wondering if it makes it go up a bit. Anyways...the road goes on...


Sunflower Bud said...

My first HSG hurt so badly that I cried through the whole thing and a nurse held my hand. My second, just annoying, but not really painful.

I stopped temping when I took Clomid. It screws your temps up pretty badly.

You're getting monitored on Clomid, I hope? Ultrasounds and bloodwork throughout the month?

Sarcastic Bud said...

You guys are scaring me :(

I'm still deciding if I should get this done or not.

I know the feeling of the pregnancy test. I often feel the same way when there is no way I could be pregnant.

Fingers still crossed for you!


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