September 26, 2010


On Friday, after 8 days of negative tests, (on 15DPO), Mr. Magnolia Bud and I found out what was up! I tested (again) after work, and the first test was clearly positive. So were the second, third, fourth, and fifth...all different brands.

Baby Magnolia Bud is on the way!!! S/he will be here on/about June 2, 2011, and we are both over the moon with excitement and anticipation!

I learned my lesson about early testing--I think I used 13 internet cheapies in those 8 days, plus at least six early response tests. With Baby #2, I really need to learn what patience is!

I'm really looking forward to sharing the pregnancy part of this journey with you. Thanks to all of you for your support over the last month that I've been sharing our story with you.

Lots of love and baby dust,
Magnolia Bud and Baby Magnolia Bud

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