August 23, 2010

So ashamed of mysef.

I ordered a bunch of internet cheapie tests on Saturday. I wasted a lot of money last month testing and didn't want to again this month. Well, they came in the mail today!

So I did what any normal (read: Not) person who has been TTC for a long time would do.


At 7dpo.

In the evening.

*hands head in shame*

It was BFN, of course. I wasn't upset at all. I completely knew it would be. I just couldn't help the compulsion of ripping open a new package of 25 pregnancy tests and not pee on one of them! I mean, come on, go look at that chart! It's a beauty so far!

Had my 7dpo blood draw today though. As of 4:30pm, the RE's office still didn't have the results. Here's hoping they have them tomorrow and that I had a super good ovulation, especially since it was so freaking early for me.

Can't wait to wake up and POAS tomorrow morning! :)

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