July 10, 2010

An Overdue Update

Hola! I apologize for not updating sooner, but we've had spotty internet service and have been super busy exploring this amazing country. I am in LOVE with Costa Rica. We haven't even left yet and I already can't wait to come back!
First things first, let me get you up to date on our medical progress. I had my follie check on Wednesday, July 7th and it was a little disappointing. I had 7 follicles that were measuring between 10 and 14 mm, and my lining was a measly 4 mm. I will be honest and say that I was positive that I would have over 10 follicles. I had 8 at my last failed IUI, and now I am doing stronger meds and for a longer amount of time. I teared up in the bathroom as I was changing, but Dr. Perez assured me (as did my friends who are in the know with IVF) that it's QUALITY over quantity. The follicles are growing together, and it's much better to have a few great eggs than a bunch of mediocre ones. The lining was definitely a concern, as I knew it probably would be, and Dr. Perez prescribed estrogen patches to help it along.

My second follie check was today, and the great news is that my lining is 7.4! That's the same as my last IUI, and the thickest I've gotten it. Plus, I still have a few days for it to fatten up even more before transfer. Today Dr. Perez only recorded 5 good sized follicles, so some decided to stop growing or maybe there are even some hiding. I am in a great place mentally right now and I am totally trusting that everything is going to work out. I know my 5 are rock stars!

I have to set my alarm for 3 AM tomorrow to do my trigger shot, then we fly to Panama early Monday morning and egg retrieval is set for 3 PM, Panama time! I can't believe we are already here! I am super excited, but nervous as well. I've never been under any kind of anesthesia, and the unexpected does make me nervous. But I know everything will turn out just right. I had already looked up my estimated due date in anticipation of having my ER on the 12th (just trying to be positive =), and it would be April 4, 2011. That is my Granny's birthday, and she passed away over 6 years ago. She was the most amazing woman ever, and I know for sure that she will be looking over us through this huge event in our lives.
Our adventures in Costa Rica have been unbelievable. After we left the volcano, we headed to Monteverde, where we ziplined through the rain forest and over huge mountain valleys, and also hiked in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. We saw the rare and famous quetzal (a bird that people from all over the world travel to CR to see) and hiked to the continental divide and a waterfall.
We headed next to the beach and Manuel Antonio. We visited the national park with a guide and saw a ton of sloths, monkeys and even a boa constrictor. We hit the beach for the afternoon where Mr. CB had a chance to surf and had some amazing meals. The best part of the stay there was our visit to La Reserva, where a friend has an amazing house. It was between rentals so we were able to enjoy the infinity pool for the entire morning and then had a couples massage on the back deck. It was ultimate relaxation, and just what we needed to relieve some tension before heading to Panama.
Now we are in San Jose and plan to spend tomorrow in the city checking out some historical sites, the market and finding a fun place to watch the World Cup final. Then bright and early Monday it's off to Panama for the next step of our adventure! We have internet in our apartment in Panama and I'll be on bed rest that first night so I will make sure to update you on our ER.
Pura Vida!


Sunflower Bud said...

Sounds like things are really coming together and you are relaxing and enjoying the trip! I hope you definitely come home with a souvenir!

Ms. Understood said...

Good luck!!!! Cute pic of you two. Enjoy the rest of your stay and safe travels to Panama.

Worry Bud said...

So glad to hear your lining is thicker...sending prayers that your 5 are rock stars!! The ER is not too bad - I had never been under anesthesia before either & it was literally like I was only out for 1 second. I didn't even realize what happened! And they give you pain killers for afterwards. GL CB...I am praying so hard that this is it for you!!


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