June 24, 2010

Halfway there baby!!

Well now that I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant, I thought I'd post my 20 week update! Sorry for being so MIA lately - I have, as usual, been extremely busy @ work & getting ready for Baby Worry Bud (ie, cleaning our house, registering, getting the nursery together, etc.). I have been in major baby-buying mode lately. Lets see, recently I purchased this awesome Bumble Collection Diaper Bag for 50% off the retail value, which normally is valued around $110!!

I LOVE it & can't wait to put all of Baby WB's cute stuff in it! I also stalk all those daily deal & designer deal baby sites for cute stuff & have snagged a few things - from blankets to stuffed organic toys - from those sites! I love buying stuff for her! And she kicks me every time I second guess a potential purchase, so I know she wants it, hehehehe. She's already getting everything she wants!

Anywho, enough already about my baby-buying obsession, on to the actual baby update! This week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy, woot! Soooo extremely excited to get here considering what we went through to get pregnant! We had our 20 week anatomy scan this past Friday & it was amazing. I was literally in heaven sitting there watching our little girl rolling around in there up on the screen for a little over an hour. I had to change positions & go pee like 4 times during the ultrasound so that the tech could get all the correct measurements. They looked at her brain, heart, hands, feet & several other major organs. According to the Bump, Baby WB is the size of a cantaloupe or about 10.6 oz! At our ultrasound, the tech estimated her actual size based on her head & tummy that she is about 11 oz., so she's just a wee bit ahead, which is all good with her mama. Here is a cute profile shot we got from this past Friday's ultrasound:

I had an OB appointment immediately following & her heart was beating at about 150 bpm (the ultrasound tech said 153 bpm, which I believe is a bit more accurate than the Doppler my OB uses). I met another one of the doctors at my practice, Dr. G - now I have met all three - and I LOVE her. She's so energetic & very nice! She told me that I should probably get registered for breastfeeding & childbirth classes + any others I wanted to take soon because they fill up quickly in my area. Mr. WB and I have also decided to do an infant CPR class - you know, just in case....you never know when those skills will come in handy, even if not with your own child. She also told me that I was doing awesome on my weight gain, which is about 11 lbs. (since 8 weeks when they first saw me at their office), but I think there's another 3 lbs. that I gained in weeks 1-8. So my grand total is about 14 lbs., which according to my books, is completely healthy & on track & my doctor confirmed that on Friday. Did I mention I love her?! She also told me a new OB (a woman) is joining the practice next month & will be delivering by the time I go into labor, so that I'll need to meet her at some point soon too. Next month is the last of my monthly appointments, then I move to twice monthly, which is just another milestone that brings us closer to meeting our precious baby girl in November!

One interesting & somewhat shocking (to me anyways) development - my left ankle was pretty swollen yesterday. I noticed it while working out at the gym - I had capri workout pants on & I looked down to see a left cankle. I was pretty concerned, so I went home and left a message for the triage nurse at my OB's office. She called back pretty quick - asked if I had any headaches or blurred vision, both of which I did not, so she said it's probably due to the hot/humid summer we are having here in my area. She said it happens to a lot of women in their practice because of the heat & humidity in this area & that I should stay off my feet as much as possible & rest with my ankle elevated to relieve the swelling (and also avoid sodium as much as possible). By this morning, it looked much better - just a little swollen still.

So yeah, I'm trucking right along & Baby WB is starting to move a little bit more everyday, which I absolutely live for. It even startles me sometimes how hard she kicks or punches or whatever she's doing in there to her mama. I can't wait till its even more regular & something I can count every couple of hours. Here are my 20 week bump shots (taken actually at 20w1d b/c I forgot to take them on Saturday):

I promise I'll try to be better about posting updates. Ahem, ::looks over at followers in side bar:: I also noticed we now have 100 followers!!!! Yaaay. when we started this blog, just about a year ago now (in about another month), I never knew how many people we would get reading or how well received it would. I'm ecstatic that we now have 100 followers that I think this calls for a summer giveaway! I am gonna see what I can set up - yay! Thanks to all each and every one of you that read & care about us Buds - it truly means much more than you'll ever know. And for that - you guys deserve a reward!


Sunflower Bud said...

what an adorable bump!!

Chef Bud said...

Love that diaper bag! I can't wait to baby shop =)

Flora Bud said...

adorable bag!!! I cant wait to see the nursery, its going to so pretty. Congrats on the anatomy scan, it must have been such an amazing feeling watching her for so long :)

before you know it she will be here!!

Sarcastic Bud said...

I love love love that bag! You need to post more of your findings on here, or at least some websites :)

Worry Bud said...

Thanks ladies! SB - I'll start posting the links/places where I find good deals - no problem!


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