May 2, 2010

Midway through 2ww

Well I ovulated about 6 days ago, so I am halfway through my normal LP. So far this LP reminds me of one I had in January. I have been a little queasy for the last day or so and nothing I take or eat makes it feel any better. Just like in January, I am trying really hard not to get my hopes since it is so early, but I just can't help it. I keep thinking I will be receiving good news just in time for Mother's Day. Yup that's right, my test date (via FF) is the day before Mother's Day. It will either be the best Mother's day ever or I will be fairly depressed going between my family and my ILs.
This is really some kind of cruel joke that the world is playing on me and I'm sure countless other women. Let's work it so these ladies just have to wait to right around Mother's Day to figure out if the one thing they desperately desire will occur. The world tends to have a real messed up sense of humor; it sort of reminds of my brother. Of course my mind goes directly to the BFP. I am already thinking about how I will try to keep it from our family at least until it is confirmed by the doctor. Now isn't this pathetic, planning for the hypothetical reveal. Oh well maybe this month is the month. I guess we all will know next weekend.
I will try to update you later during the week, but I have an absolutely insane week. I just realized that I have deadline on Thursday AM which I originally thought was Thursday PM. Guess I won't be sleeping on Wednesday.

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