April 1, 2010

April Showers Bring a FET...

So after a relaxing and much needed month off Mr. Blessed Bud and I are preparing for our first Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). I am thankful for the fact that FET's are non-invasive unlike our fresh cycle in February and Dr. B and I have decided we are only going to thaw and transfer 2 of our little munchkins who are at the blastocyst stage.

So this is how our FET cycle will go:
*CD 3 Ultrasound and Blood Work = All Clear
*I started BCP's yesterday and will be on them for 2 weeks
*I will have another ultrasound and start Lupron
*I will take Estrogen & as we move closer to the FET I will take Progesterone *When my lining is ready the FET will be scheduled and our little munchkins will be thawed out the day of the transfer

Mr. Blessed Bud and I have decided to Let Go and Let God this cycle. Babies are truly gifts from God and when he intends for it to work, it will work...


Jen J. said...

GL Blessed Bud...I am praying for you guys!

Flora Bud said...

Im praying for you and those two little munchies. Keep your faith in God..

GL And I really hope this is your it. Keep us posted.


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