March 5, 2010

Starting from the finish line

When Dr Z says we're not starting slow, he means we're NOT starting slow.

I just got home from my suppression check where I had my first official cycle vagcam/follicle check and blood draw. I also got my medication instructions for the next 4 days.

Vagcam/Follicle Check: All is well at this point. Lining is 6mm, homozygous and I have 12 antral follicles. Thats up from 10-11 at my vagcam 2 weeks ago, so I'll take it. Also, the bleeding has S-L-O-W-E-D down... it's still red, but I'm barely spotting at this point, so that makes me happy. If today is my last spotting day, i'll be thrilled. That would make 34 days bleeding all together. I'll be happy to stow the tampax - finally.

Blood draw: shockingly, they're checking my beta level. I laughed when Dr S (the embryologist that drew my blood this AM) told me that they were checking that in addition to my E2 level. Can you imagine if I were pregnant? Ridiculous thinking. But, they have to make sure. I know.

Instructions for the next 4 days: HOLY MEDICATION BATMAN. Dr Z warned me we were starting strong. I'm at maximum doses... for now. That's 2 vials of menopur (which burns like a bitch) and 300 units of gonal-f every day. Tonight the gonal will be in all one dose. Starting tomorrow, the gonal will be in 2 injections daily. We'll see where things are on tuesday. When my follicles hit 14-15mm, they'll add in ganirelex, which will prevent my ovaries from ovulating on their own.

Anyway - there's my update for now.
We're starting from the top.... but we're on our way.

IVF #2 starts now.


Sassy Bud said...

DB- I'm so excited for you. I'll be thinking of you.
<3 Chels

Sooz said...

OH! I'm on the same dosage as you, except I'm taking follistim. I have to agree on the menopur -- it's the worst.

Your antral follicle count sounds great! I'll be rooting for you!


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