March 16, 2010

The Good Part of the weekend: We celebrated our first wedding Anniversary at a seafood Festival with our family and friends
The Bad Part of the weekend: Got a UTI Saturday morning, so I rested and drank a lot of water which help and the pain went away. On Sunday as soon as we arrived at the festival (mean while 2 hours away) the burning pain started to come right back, so we had to cut the trip short.
Here are some pictures my dad took

Being near the ocean reminded me of our honeymoon, Our amazing View

And to the TTC part.... I had a + OPK on Sunday but I gave up on this cycle because of the UTI Saturday. On Monday we went to the Urgent Care and it turns out I had a bacteria. They gave me antibiotics and told me I can still TTC but would have to take my PNV's 2 hours before/after the antibiotics. Lets see what happens, We BD on Friday AM and Tuesday AM hopefully one of Mr.Buds little guys made it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



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